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About This Event

With the current outdoor gathering/social distancing guidelines in place, we will be holding different time slots to sign up for, with a max of 20 spots for each one. This is a free event, but you will need a reservation to attend. Ticket times are:\ \ 9 a.m. - 1030 a.m.\ \ 11 a.m. - 1230 p.m.\ \ 2 p.m. - 330 p.m.\ \ 4 p.m. - 530 p.m.\ \ 6 p.m. - 730 p.m.\ \ We will meet at Picnic Spot #34 on Magic Island. There will be guest speakers, reading of names, a buttlerfly release, and a short walk around Magic Island. If you\'d like your child\'s name to be read, to purchase butterflies to release individually, or have any general questions, please email\ \ This is a time to come together with love and support for the Perinatal and Infant Loss (PAIL) community. We hope to see you there!\ \