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About This Event

Calling all Small Business Owners! \ \ This past year has been filled with lots of ups and downs, causing many of you to pause and pivot into new areas of growth. The Patsy T. Mink Center for Business and Leadership continues to support our small business owners and we are excited to announce that we are currently accepting applications for our next Grow My Business Cohort!\ \ This 45-hour hybrid course offers Hawaii business owners insight, knowledge and tools for a stronger future. Attendees will discover how to build a resilient business that can better withstand economic crisis in order to recover, and grow. Whether your operation is in the early, mid, or mature stage; you’ll come away with confidence and courage to take the next best steps for your company and your financial future.\ \ Workshop Series Topics include:\ - Design Thinking for Product and Service Development\ - The Resilient Business Model: How to survive and recover better\ - Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs\ - Strategic Growth\ - Cash Flow Management and more!\ \ Limited seats available. Begin the application here:\